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The Longest Now

Infoslicer code released : reading Wikipedia subsets has never been easier!
Thursday February 12th 2009, 5:36 pm
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The infoslicer project has finally released its code under the GPL. This project started many moons ago with a discussion between me, Anne Gentle and Todd Kelsey… Michael Priestley got involved and helped find new interest…  Anne Gentle published a nice overview last year.  Since then the project has changed a bit, absorbed some summer interns, and set up a code repository.  And now it’s freely licensed as well.

From Laura Cowen‘s announcement today:

Non-developer types can download the InfoSlicer xo package to install on their OLPC (or other Sugar installation) from:

One caveat is that the xo package that you can download from there doesn’t contain any sample articles from Wikipedia (which ideally it would to help you get up and running more quickly using the tutorial). You can use InfoSlicer without these sample articles (you can download Wikipedia articles from within InfoSlicer anyway). If anyone is able to re-compile the xo package with sample articles in it, I can provide instructions on where to put the sample articles in the package so that InfoSlicer automatically picks them up when it starts.

Download infoslicer for the XO or run it on your own system, watch a video of infoslicer in action, and give it a whirl!  You can send feedback to the OLPC library list, or specific feedback on downloading/reading wikitexts offline to the wikireader list (which is for wikireader discussions of all sorts, not only related to XOs).

Yups… i agree. Nice info and can give an inspiration. its interesting for my education blog in indonesian language. thanks

Comment by Membaca 02.24.09 @ 9:49 pm

what is the mean ” OLPC” ?

Comment by Bobgarton 08.19.09 @ 6:27 am

Sorry, i cant understand mean The infoslicer project.. can you tell me about it ? 🙂

Comment by Signa 09.15.09 @ 12:02 pm

Thanks for your articles, i will download infoslicer for the XO. it’s usefull for me.

Comment by Ptlitup 11.16.09 @ 10:46 pm

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