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The Longest Now

Sunday December 28th 2008, 4:23 pm
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I am constantly amazed by the froward march of technology · to a beat · you can’t touch.     So when it was decided to solve the world’s problems by allowing children and people to collaborate on every topic in the world, except war, I thought that was pretty fantastic.  OLPC is a step in that direction – Much as I have tried to do every imaginable thing with my XO,  war is right there in the small of my conceptual back that I just can’t scratch… even with the XO’s ears locked pointy-side out.

So you can Imagine my delight when that most famous of all Beatles, childhood idol John Lennon, dropped by to support this idea.  And this wasn’t any John Lennon, it was Reanimated John Lennon, the most accomodating instance of John Lennon in the known universe (easily identifiable by the glint of sunlight passing across his cheek when he grins).

He was captured on tape speaking reanimatedly about changing the world.  Spooky!  Before I could catch him to ask about the skills of peace, he was gone.

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