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The Longest Now

G1G1 jumps the shar^B^B^B^B Atlantic
Saturday November 15th 2008, 1:05 am
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This year’s Give One, Get One : international edition is set to launch in less than 64 hours.  And it will be open to donors around the world.  Last year it was difficult for anyone with a European credit card, not to mention a European shipping address, to get involved; no longer.  Local groups of enthusiasts who have been waiting for machines to come in by the score will be able to get larger collections for their test projects; and many more people and families that want to contribute to our cause will be able to do so.  More, and amazing video, after the jump.

All of this means more work (and joyful work!) for the European user groups… I can’t wait to see them in December in Berlin!  Meanwhile, Aaron Royer has been working like mad to whip up video capturing OLPC’s spirit in Southern Africa. The result is pretty striking.

If it’s now in Europe I will be flabbergasted if they exclude Canadians, but they sure tried anyway last year to exclude us.

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