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The Longest Now

Food from Heaven. Or from some other Grace-land.
Saturday November 15th 2008, 10:37 pm
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So I am updating the OLPC blog, working through a pile of media and website updates for the end of the weekend, and I get a mite peckish.  Since I’m waiting until midnight when M&M and I are heading down to become comestible at the annual Deli Haus reenactment, my mind turns back a few generations and I ask myself, What Would Elvis Do?

Suddenly I realized I had all the fixings for a real Elvis-style sandwich, something D. H. in its heyday had loads of fun with:

  • old bread & a toaster
  • RedBones’ atomic corn relish
  • peanut butter… lots of peanut butter
  • pickle relish
  • honey

I delayed not, and in short order had whipped up the tastiest contraption I’ve bitten into since Mama Haus last took me into her kitchen and pwned me with her nuclear chicken wings.  This dish wasn’t so far off – Redbones makes the hottest relish this side of the Mississippi.

Mm-mmm!The Corny Elvis


That just ain’t right.

Comment by Matt 11.16.08 @ 12:26 am

That actually sounds not bad at all. (I swear I am not pregnant.)

I did once go through my college’s cafeteria line with a plate so weird the cashier didn’t charge me for it because she didn’t know how. I am still proud of that moment.

Comment by Kat 11.16.08 @ 12:53 am

somehow it’s the “old bread and a toaster” line that turns this into more of a science project and less of a proper meal.

Comment by phoebe 11.17.08 @ 3:56 am

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