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The Longest Now

Sustainability camp update
Thursday October 16th 2008, 10:12 pm
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An update on the west-coast Open Sustainability Camp : Chris and crew hope to gather 70 people for the event.  To register and join in person, see the OpenSustainabilityNetwork site; or you can find sustenance online on Appropedia.

If you are running your own sustainability camps or conversations, let me know.  Threads of a winding braid…  I had a lovely debate this past weekend in Berkeley about hosting events in which people are given a set of raw materials and challenged to work their way up to a complex physical invention (a cord, an arch, a kiln, a steam engine, a loupe, a tire, brass) in as short a time and with as few materials as possible.  I’d like to see that come up at these events, and become reality.

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