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The Longest Now

Bigoted society : Arabs targeted by pervasive anti-Semitism
Wednesday October 15th 2008, 2:34 am
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Arabs suffer the brunt of modern American anti-Semitism.  They are considered foreign, dangerous, militant;  blamed for global ills, used as scapegoats.  And despite the presence of respected individual Arabs in most every walk of life and position of authority, these are implicitly considered exceptions, and ‘Arab’ is treated as an epithet, at times even on the most public of stages.

It is in this context that the other day, in an atmosphere of murderous rally shouts, when an older woman famously called Obama an Arab, McCain rushed to correct her, saying “No, ma’am.  He’s a decent family man...”   As Campbell Brown had the sense to report, So what if he were an Arab?  The more pertinent question for us, dear readers, may be: How can dozens and dozens of MSM journalists report this as though it were a simple and reasonable defense of an opponent?  How very embarrassing

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