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The Longest Now

The power of research
Sunday October 12th 2008, 6:51 am
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I was reminded today by two bright young student researchers of the power of research into education, its extents, dependencies and implications — for inspiration and motivation for all manner of work as well as to help solve fundamental problems in empowerment.  For those readers interested in helping organize research about OLPC, large-scale educational efforts, and uses of technology in education, please subscribe and share your background and ideas:

Or post to research >at< That list includes members from unicef, world bank, global development and university (education, government, economics, politics, sociology); while it is not currently active, it includes people who are already engaged with some few trials of their own; and many are waiting for a serious project they can engage in.  Others are simply waiting to have a project description to post (Suresh and Jennifer, I’m looking at you).  I should like to see it revived.

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