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The Longest Now

Day’s notes
Sunday October 12th 2008, 10:42 am
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Conversations today:
* on wikireaders, parsing wikcreole, hating one’s own code and rewriting entire parsers in another language
** on developing for sugar, finding out where to start, and being devoted g1g1 participants
* on collaboration, the false sense of ‘altruism/volunteerism being culture-specific’ and the nature of collaboration in small-town civic society
* on the value of wiki as model for humanity
* on how to pursue real goals : something of value in good times and bad, personally, economically, socially; useful whether or not others believe in it; putting time into storing value for the future regardless of uptake, the same that would else be put into convincing those at hand (which could still not suffice to keep an idea alive over generations).

* on the perspectivelessness of being inside a wave, not cresting it or observing: the sense that of course things are better than the last time, and also how could they be different? or the opposite extreme of everything being different and ‘constant progress’ or ‘developing disaster’. with applications to how transformations feel; and to how features/bugs are perceived inside a new class of product : Vista, sogx, etc.

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