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The Longest Now

How I became a Wikipedian
Wednesday October 08th 2008, 5:37 am
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I had forgotten the long essay I wrote about this transition here on my blog… or rather, on my first law school blog, when was new and cuddly.  My transition to the current wordpress skin made it more visible, new-found visibility online made it a repeated spam target, and I rediscovered it today.  So spam has done something good for me.  Thanks, spam king!  

For those of you who missed it the first time around in early 2004, before I knew how wikipedia works or even that it was community owned and run.  Here it is again: On Multilingual Encyclopedia and Dictionary (public domain).


I got asked, once again, why I started editing in an interview last week — I think that journalists think this will be an easy question, but I actually find it one of the hardest, and stumble over it every time. There’s a dozen reasons why I got started but I am not sure if I can articulate any of them.

Wasn’t there a project on meta a while ago collecting people’s “why I became a wikipedian” essays? I should write one up, post it, and refer to it whenever the issue arises… and if there’s not such a project there should be.

I think that there are notes from or based on this essay kicking around in your userspace, as well.

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