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The Longest Now

Palin comparison
Tuesday September 30th 2008, 2:14 am
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A Sarah Palin presidency is terrifying, in that bad Disney-movie, Matt Damon-awing way, and not so unlikely — let’s say a 10% chance as of today, politics and actuarial tables considered.  A provincial new-Earth creationist as President won’t have many people sleeping well at night.  That said, her situation is largely the result of poor choices by others who should know better (and who are gambling with her future more than with their own).  LisaNova does a brilliant send-up of the situation which should put a smile on your face.

This week Palin has an uphill road to travel.  National interviews can hardly be put off any longer, though some still try.  On top of everything else, Palin faces the same big-pond effect that a small-town valedictorian and all-star finds on arriving at Rice University or Harvard or McGill.

Katie Couric has gotten the most face-time with Governor Palin, and has been courteous but firm.  For Palin under pressure, it is hard to think and speak at once; some called her first interview disastrous, speaking in tongues, as bad as could be.   The campaign regretted the interview (confusing the bailout goals, knowing only one Supreme Court case) enough that she and John returned for a second try (transcript).  Kathryn Lopez was reminded of visiting the principal’s office with her father.  More clips to come this week from CBS.

Former fans of hers think she should excuse herself from her nomination.  A few think putting Palin in this role so early in her career is an act of cruelty on the part of McCain, sacrificing a future star of the party.  Others complain of ‘overpreparation’ and want Palin to stop parroting someone else’s lines and just be herself [I cannot disagree –Ed.]  on occasion going so far as to take up cries of “Free Sarah”.

As for the world beyond our borders — other countries are starting to notice how embarrassing it is to have a VP nominee with only a rudimentary grasp of world politics, history, literature, culture, and economics.  At least the Pakistanis, like some Americans, are mortified.

For interactive comic relief, now you can interview Palin yourself.

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