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The Longest Now

On sleeping the good sleep
Thursday September 25th 2008, 6:50 am
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Yesterday morning, after an unsatisfying nap in the wee hours and doing some chores (unpacking a 6-month supply of paper, plastic, cloth, wood, stone, and metal goods), I enjoyed the first really good sleep I have had in over a year.  New pillow, pressed sheets, comforter, proper bed (firm mat, no tress).  All organics, no plastics or foam (it’s amazing how persistent those smells are).  I slept for 4 hours without moving and woke thinking it had been a whole day.  (Notes for the unwary : pony up the extra 10% on organic bedding materials.  This goes for your children’s beds and cribs as well.)

The changes to my room required to set this up were minor and inexpensive; I don’t know what took me so long.  Now I lack only a few things for my window seat, a proper desk, and someone to share it with…

sleeping is my favorite sport; window seats are awesome; and a new desk made all the difference in my house — and makes me feel like I can start a new writing project with grace and good conscience!

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