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The Longest Now

Ike strike
Saturday September 13th 2008, 11:52 am
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Ike hit Texas hard this morning, straight over central Galveston.  They say 3m will be out of power for two weeks… including our house in Houston.

UPDATE:  Our street was lucky.  Our house is good as ever, having no enormous trees nearby.  My mother reports the only noise it made was a loud humming from the gutters at a certain windspeed (I could hear it over the phone!).

UPDATE 2: A house across the street had its roof aerated by falling trees from both adjacent properties, and the ancient oak in the open lot next to us (vacated and cleared after the last big flood) was ripped down.  Flooding wasn’t bad; only 2 ft of water in the street.  The local bayou is far from the main channel, and was a good 3 feet from flowing over when high tide passed at 4pm.  10 blocks away things were worse…  Now everyone just has to make do without power for the next fortnight.

UPDATE 3: Only 1m are still without power; we expect to do without for another week.

And this is why we went into space 40 years ago: an image of Ike from the International Space Station… with a little ‘station finger’ over the lens.  Great buildings such as the Pyramids and the Wall are, despite what they say, hard to see from space.  But massive atmospherics?  You can see those from Saturn.

Ike ... In... SPAAAACE

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From the coast:

Texas windsaw

How Texans prepare for the London olympics.

hope things are ok other than powerlessness for yr house + residents therein 🙁

Comment by phoebe 09.14.08 @ 2:30 am

Not to worry, things are otherwise fine. But it was a close call — some homes in our little neighborhood took serious damage. There were large blown down bits of trees that didn’t come from any house within hundreds of meters.

Apparently I’m missing out on some great “emergency potluck banquet” piccadillo and raisins.

Comment by metasj 09.14.08 @ 6:59 am

yikes. glad to hear all is sort of well for your place at least. having lived in both tornado/hurricane country & earthquake country I vote for earthquakes. Less rain damage.

Comment by phoebe 09.14.08 @ 12:51 pm

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