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The Longest Now

OLPC book & music drive and XO hackathon
Thursday February 14th 2008, 5:23 pm
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Share the love with One Laptop per Child, the Creative Commons, Textbook Revolution, and the entire world.

Update 1: As I have just learned, one should always beware rogue content editors on romantic holidays who have a special affinity for exclamation marks…

Update 2: We’ve been slashdotted!  Thanks for all the interest… among other things, it led to contributions from Ben Crowell, who has single-handedly covered most of basic university physics with his carefully laid-out libre publications.

Take action:

  • Submit the free books you know of
  • Share CC-licensed songs, movies, and more
  • Bookmark-books with tags: “ftbp”
    for books and “livecontent” for quality CC works that should make the LiveContent DVD
  • Publishers, authors, and editors – consider putting your works
    under a Creative Commons license so we can spread them around the world

Join us:

We are collecting all the free books, movies, music, and other content that we can in the next five days. Then, on Tuesday (2/19) the Creative Commons will be burning a LiveDVD as part of LiveContent 2.0 with the selection of CC licensed materials being gathered — this DVD will be distributed to events like South by Southwest and elsewhere. The bundle of books and educational resources we collect will be used by One Laptop per Child to send all over the world for children, families, and schools. And will compiling and reviewing the best college-level resources they can find for the re-launch of their new, community driven site.

On Saturday, there will be a hackathon/jam at Olin college. We hope others will setup their own jams and barcamps, and we will be adding them to the list above as they do.


[…] to go. But that’s not going to happen since it’s across the country. Maybe this summer?read more | digg […]

Comment by OLPC + CC Hackathon : submit books & music to LiveContent 02.14.08 @ 6:20 pm

[…] out the OLPC book & music drive and XO hackathon going on this weekend. From SJ: Share the love with One Laptop per Child, the Creative Commons, […]

Comment by OLPC + CC Hackathon - Creative Commons 02.14.08 @ 6:55 pm

Hi SJ!

We met at a dinner a while back–I work for PCF. I added a children’s book my wife and I wrote and are distributing under a CC license to the book list. If there are any issues, I’m happy to spend some time to fix them.

Comment by will 02.15.08 @ 11:08 am

Hi, would the books on this site be helpful? — it’s PG texts plus stuff I’ve scanned.

I can do any format you want, waiting on my OLPC to arrive before, you know, deciding what reads best.

/Also have other “CDs” sorted by categories, though I think PG is doing this as well.
//Five years ago, I sold “300 Mysteries on CD” on ebay, but I’ve long since moved on to other things. If that’s any help, let me know.

Comment by dmoynihan 02.15.08 @ 11:12 am

It’s a bit risqué, but how about this:

Comment by JA 02.15.08 @ 11:20 am

Logistically, internet delivery of e-books will remain a huge technological and economic problem.
To address this, Worldspace satellite radio at donates up to 128 kbps for the common good.
This means that expensive internet connections and equipment are not needed for delivery of electronic books. The beneficiaries of the OLPC project can receive electronic textbooks via satellite using an inexpensive Worldspace receiver.
I encourage you to solicit this service from Worldspace at Their footprint covers Africa, Europe, and Asia.

Comment by Kriston 02.15.08 @ 11:30 am

How are these books going to be distributed with the XO? Are they going to be pre-loaded on the XO’s small hard drive? Perhaps a USB Keychain Drive distribution of the books would be more appropriate.

Comment by Jacob 02.15.08 @ 12:41 pm

[…] Seja ele de outrem ou próprio, basta sugerir conteúdo a incluir neste pacote. […]

Comment by Conheces “coisas” sobre Creative Commons? at Liberdade na era tecnológica? 02.15.08 @ 4:32 pm

A godsend for all English teachers, language teachers, ESL teachers…heck, anyone who wants to learn something from MP3 files!

Free audiobooks!? 🙂 at:

Comment by Ed Montgomery 02.15.08 @ 4:58 pm

[…] derivatives licenses. The Podiobooks authors working to support the OLPC project by having our work included as source content for educational purposes. The problem, of course, is that we have to change the license to Attribution-ShareALike and my […]

Comment by Trader’s Diary » Music Credits 02.15.08 @ 5:34 pm

[…] SJ’s Longest Now » OLPC book & music drive and XO hackathon […]

Comment by SJ’s Longest Now » OLPC book & music drive and XO hackathon | 02.15.08 @ 9:35 pm

@Jacob : they will be distributed both on the XO’s drive and on USB keys. Schools that have school servers will hold a digital library with many of the available collections. (though even there modern drives run out of room before including all the great images and media that are available).

@Ed : funny to note that librevox, libravox, and librivox are all owned by people committed to similar causes (and not, say, squatters).

@JA : Thanks for the link. Anything with footnotes like that can’t be entirely bad.

Comment by metasj 02.16.08 @ 2:05 am

and will : thanks; Awesome Blossom makes me smile… the drawings look good on my XO! You might want to make a version with a blank 2d page, and no last page, to make more sense as a digital book.

Comment by metasj 02.16.08 @ 2:21 am

[…] minden vele kapcsolatos terv úgy kezdődik, hogy ”(…)kimászunk a nyúlból.” A mostani partit viszont különösen nem értem. Addig megvan, hogy egy raklap klasszikus, néhány […]

Comment by Szabad oktatás? - Worldshots 02.17.08 @ 12:21 pm

Campaña de contenido libre de OLPC, Creative Commons y…

SJ Klein, director del contenido comunitario de OLPC anuncia una campaña entre Creative Commons, One Laptop Per Child y Textbook Revolution.
“¡Estamos juntando todos los libros, películas, música y demás contenidos libres que podamos en los…

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Comment by Foyaddkl 12.26.08 @ 6:50 pm

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Technology be considered only as part of a project of education, media education vital as part of a system of media technology dissemination. So hoep that this project will be lounch soon.

Thanks in advance for keeping us informed.

Comment by Laptop Tray 07.02.11 @ 12:47 pm

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