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The Longest Now

Lessig ‘4Obama’ transcription
Tuesday February 05th 2008, 12:26 am
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First things first. I’m no no-holds-barred Obaman like Larry Lessig.

Don’t get me wrong, I like Boyish Orator’s style, and give him a leg up over Her Royal Cleverness, but don’t stay up nights worrying about the future difference to world peace their differential election would make (other things keep me up, even in politics), and not because I don’t think peace a devastatingly important realm for immediate change.

At any rate, Lessig taped a Barackish paean, and Ball and Prime started simulscribing in gobby. Gobby sessions exert a gravitational pull on me and soon I was transcribing myself, to exercise day-cramped hands — though I would never have listened to the piece otherwise. You can read the result of our labours.

The promise of making a set of ideas more accessible and revisitable is an infinitely better reason to divest oneself of twenty minutes of life than amusement or boredom… Which makes me wonder why we don’t see dotsub everywhere, at least among the sj crowd of one. Maybe it just needs a gobby plugin, or a way to find two friends and start transcribing in tandem. I’m even feeling the itch to ride a tandem bike or sidecar. Ach. Time for a seaweed shower.

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Comment by Hanging Myself Link Friday | Random Good Stuff - The Entertainment Blog 02.08.08 @ 11:21 am

Found this in a background re(search) for “gobby plugin”

Seems you’ve been keen on Gobby for a while, Mr. Klein.

And am I really the only one in the office without a blog?

Comment by Brian 07.11.08 @ 12:29 am

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