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The Longest Now

Intel and OLPC trade noogies for neckrubs
Friday July 13th 2007, 2:02 pm
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Intel‘s Will Swope joined AMD‘s Arenas and others on OLPC’s board last night. Designs of our Gen-1 machines won’t change, though this gives them input, along with our other members, on future designs. Intel will also continue making and marketing Classmates… though the comparisons between the devices are likely to become more helpful and less marketing. This is not the first rivalry set aside on the board; my cynical side is always delighted to see companies which are rivals in other arenas able to come together around our educational goals.

We have an Intel group working just one floor above us in Kendall Square; it will be interesting to see what they think.

bv and bh

Gizmodo sez: “Hell freezes over“, with a delightful jesus diaz illustration (above). But I’d say it only got momentarily cool down there; Intel has been working with open source communities and on education projects for some time. Keep your eyes on the fiery gates, however. My acronymic archnemesis may start open sourcing his platforms one day… See also: slashdot.

[…] detente. SJ Klein, who works on the content side of the OLPC project titled his blog post “Intel and OLPC trade in noogies for neckrubs“. Gizmodo observed “Hell Freezes Over“. I’m not sure I have a clever […]

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