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The Longest Now

Nomenclatural justice
Sunday March 18th 2007, 4:14 am
Filed under: poetic justice

I keep on running into people who refer to Wikipedia with over-definite articulation. That is to say, with a definite article. I am reminded of a comment from years past, care of Joho:

The circle of articulate digerati who have recently preferred the
“the Wikipedia” to the “Wikipedia” option, however, highlight the
urgency of the struggle for nomenclatural justice.

I have updated the Wikipedia FAQ to clarify and rectify the reality of the matter, and trust that the “the” the Wikipedia-loving fans of the aforementioned circle have grown accustomed to, will in the near future fade into the recesses of the past.

Please fight for justice in nomenclature, and save us all from grammatical confusion and disorder.

Nomenclatural justice …

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