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The Longest Now

Manypedia – what WP is best at
Friday February 17th 2006, 6:58 pm
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I was researching publication of Muhammad cartoons not long ago, to
update the main article about them on Wikipedia.  They had listed
the Daily Illini
as the first US college paper to have republished some of the cartoons
last week, which sounded wrong to me (it turns out they were close
tothe first, but the Salient at least was a day earlier). 

I had momentarily forgotten the best place to find such lists online,
and laughed out loud to see the reference I wanted was another
Wikipedia page.

[[List of newspapers that reprinted Jyllands-Posten’s Muhammad cartoons]]
is just what you might expect; a list, with dates and references and
hyperlinks, of all newspapers that have reprinted some or all of the
cartoons in response to the controversy.  Ordered separately by
publication date and by country. 

As it notes at the start, “This list is probably not complete.”  Surely not.  But with over 120 entries, it is a start…  Two other favorite lists : [[List of interesting or unusual place names]] and the infamous [[List of lists of lists]], which has become something more and less than a list over time… see also [[Controversial newspaper caricatures]].

Manypedia – what WP is best at …

Don’t forget List of internet phenomena ([[Internet phenomenon]])…

Comment by Moi 02.18.06 @ 9:24 pm

Hi! You might want to check|en|Jyllands-Posten_Muhammad_cartoons_controversy|ar

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