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The Longest Now

On Peering, P2P food privacy, and shatnes testing
Friday December 30th 2005, 1:03 am
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Ira G. : Shatnes tester — when
mixed fabrics infest your favorite clothing… who you gonna call? —
and on the lookout for P-E-E-R-E-Rs, who can ruin a plate of food with
a simple glance.  He’s lived his whole life in New York, but [almost] never eaten in any sort of restaurant.

”It was never discussed in the family,” he said. ”No one spoke
about it. But it was an obvious thing not to do… Let’s say you walked in
one end and you had to eat on the other end and there were people at
every single tableWhat
do you do along the way? Are you only going to look at the floor, the
ceiling, the wall, or people’s faces? Obviously you would peer into
other people’s plates. Just a quick glance. But if someone sets his
eyes on my plate, I can’t eat it anymore. Therefore I’m going to stay
out of public eating.”

He goes on to describe a peer who, well, peers into other people’s food choices.  And nobody wants that.

”I went into this place
that has take-home food. And who walks in but my buddy the peerer. I
did an about-face and walked right out. Because I know he’s going to
look into what I get. And I just went home hungry. But I felt
comfortable with that hunger, because the peerer is not going to peer.”

More power to this kind of willpower.

On Peering, P2P food privacy, and shatnes testing …

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