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The Longest Now

Metatranslation and meat translation
Sunday December 18th 2005, 5:15 pm
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There are some fine references – in semiotics (meta-analysis), translation research (metadata about translation), and translation practice (rolling up all the content of a body of work into some new original [translated] piece) – to metatranslation. It is the last definition that I prefer, but all are important and related.

The new Global Voices drive to have parallel content generated in many languages suggests a partnership between meta, meat and silicon translation…

Metatranslation and meat translation …

I was wondering whether it would be good for wikipedia to pursue some kind of paralled content program. Does GV have anything that could be borrowed?


Comment by randy.f 01.15.06 @ 7:40 pm

No such program yet.  GV doesn’t really have one either; just
by-hand updates of multiple sites/projects in different languages.

Comment by sj 01.20.06 @ 4:13 pm

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