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The Longest Now

Area woman eschews web presence
Saturday December 17th 2005, 2:17 am
Filed under: poetic justice

A friend I made just recently was trying to explain a fear of public exposure
— not precisely a passionate sense of privacy, as certain breaches
thereof were acceptable (being published in one’s own field, being
known for good work one had done, being a backup dancer on stage); but
a strong aversion to specific kinds of exposure (being published for a
lay audience, having comments published in a local paper, being a
singer on stage, having a web page, being written about publicly by
friends).  It made me think of what a luxury this is; of all the people in the world who have no access to exposure, nor any notion of what it might mean to be ‘overexposed‘. 

Reverends Mandell and Pierce gave sermons recently about survival in the modern world; specifically for children,
whose capacities to choose are frequently limited. Global Voices should
start including those of children — not yet old enough to have their
own sites, perhaps, but surely old enough
to think, react, journal, and speak.  I know some people who would
like this idea; for instance, I would love to hear thoughts on the
matter from Rebecca.  Mandell spoke of  reaching out to children; Pierce published a sermon from his church in Lawrence, on sinning by omission, which I find significantly less compelling [how many omissions would I unmake, if I could?  and how to prioritize among them?]. 

But reaching out, taking their voices seriously as we do those of adults, is a major step.  Let us take it.

Area woman eschews web presence …

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