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The Longest Now

Gaming, rockstars, etc
Tuesday November 29th 2005, 8:33 pm
Filed under: poetic justice

Thanks to Dave’s fabulous new game-industry blog
(now that he’s the associate dir @ MIT’s gaming lab, it’s about time he
got one up), I’ve been following some of the recent scandals and events
in the latest generation of games, something I haven’t done since
E3.   And today I was lucky enough to spend an hour with Cory Ondrejka at Berkman, someone I haven’t seen since Accelerating Change this time last year.

So I was reading up on the latest changes in Second Life, and ran
across this insightful take on Rockstar, from the cybersex-oriented Black Love Interactive:

[I]f they think “hot coffee” was explicit, it’s woefully juvenile and tame
compared to the real AO titles- which typically have the balls to go AO
and not try to be “cool and dangerous” in a mainstream game marketed to
teens and sold through Wal-Mart… a rather *sleazy* market to try to
be “edgy” in. Their brand image reminds me of the rebellious teenager
who hangs out with younger kids so that he can be a badass and get
respect even though all of his peers think he’s a huge loser. If they
want to make adult games, by all means do it and don’t water it down
just so some 17 year olds can get it for their Christmas present from
Grandma ;p It would be cool if Rockstar actually did make AO games with
sex etc. but that would take backbone and is a suggestion beyond the
scope of this rant[…]

Next time I see one of the developers of “Bully”, I’ll be thinking of Xmas prezzies from grandma.

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