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The Longest Now

HDD : D for “D”eath
Friday November 25th 2005, 12:10 am
Filed under: chain-gang

Both hcs and I have had disk troubles a little more often than one
might like over the past few years.  I’m on my fourth drive now in
3 years.  Is this oiverheating?  Shared karma?  that
beantown vibe?  I don’t overclock, play 52-part pickup, or do
other extravagant things, on bluesky or metamorph.  I do regularly
give thanks for my Lacie backup drive, and have even purchased
commercial Win-partition rescue software, which was useful on more than
one occasion.  I’ve looked around to see if this is a common
Thinkpad problem, but it doesn’t seem to be.  At any rate, I live
my computerized life lightly, expecting to leave it at any
time…  For a moment I even considered shifting to ‘online
storage’ systems before regaining my presence of mind.

Then today I realized that the drive in my desktop machine has been the
same for six years.  Six.  With a noisy, balky fan that’s
been replaced at least once.  Funny, that… and I’d better make
extra sure to have spares for that baby on hand.

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