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The Longest Now

Notes from WSIS
Friday November 18th 2005, 2:03 pm
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WSIS welcome packets should have included a few extra notices.

1) bring your own toilet paper.
2) if you can’t do this, use one of the good restrooms upon arrival,
and steal a small roll for the day.  just in case.  it’s not
that there is a shortage of paper, just a shortage of active people to
replace it.
3) use the restrooms off of the Expo, not the ones off of the main
conference area.  they actually have hooks for jackets, paper, and
never run out of soap.
4) if you can’t reach your favorite website from one wifi spot, look
for another one in the Expo; some of them apparently pass through UN
routers, and others through Tunisian routers. 

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