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The Longest Now

You didn’t know what when ?
Monday September 05th 2005, 8:06 pm
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Michael Chertoffthought the crisis had passed‘.  Mike Brownthought it was a typical hurricane situation“.     The President… well, his mind was elsewhere, and the First Mother thought it was an excuse for a vacation. The United States,
in pretending to prepare for trouble while forgetting how, and
elevating leaders who never learned to accept blame and have no role
models to show them how, is
gearing up for a complete meltdown during the first truly unexpected

Just as the leaders of New Orleans fled with their networks of friends
when disaster struck (when just those networks could have responded
smartly to an ornery Fate), I can see the leaders of an entire state or
coastline fleeing in the face of still greater trouble.  As
Douglas Adams predicted, the “Someone Else’s Problem” field will be one
of the strongest in the universe some day.  Let’s hope we are
still around to appreciate the irony.

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