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The Longest Now

Friday September 02nd 2005, 3:39 pm
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I’d like to know where you turn for hurricane information; and where
you’ve gotten breaking tidbits from, at different points in the past
two weeks.

  • Web : Wikipedia itself [cf. Mcall, et al], though not Wikinews
  • Radio & Television :  Air America 
  • [e-]Paper : The Australian surprised me with some of their coverage
    • Overviews : BBC, Chronicle
  • Other : Friends in Texas & LA, watching different local news sources

Air America Radio has dedicated a large fraction of their schedule to Katrina.


They broadcast over the air, stream on the net, have blogs on their website, and take phone calls. They are a large enough network to have affiliates in the area, but are not afraid to pursue reportage from other local media e.g. they’ve interviewed people from the Times-Picayune.


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