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The Longest Now

Blog Day!
Wednesday August 31st 2005, 8:50 pm
Filed under: international

Today is one of 365 special days each year dedicated to broadening your view of the world.
This happens to be a day when everyone jumps on the bandwagon, and I’ve
said recently I would join all y’all for the hay-ride.  So here’s a
special post to stay in the blog day spirit of things.

There are many great blogs around the world to point you; to narrow
down the field, I’ve tried to limit myself to blogs that are inherently
multilingual, or devoted to wikis.  (Here I avoid the ones that show up in the excellent African
aggregator in the sidebar; I’ll do a separate post on developing world blogs, and plug the Bridge Blog Index, et. al.).

  • Luistxo (in Basque, et al) — discussions of technology and openness from Basque country
  • Hoder
    (in Persian & English) — all sorts of mad thoughts on society,
    technology, law or culture; especially regarding Iran.  [NB: not
    very comment-friendly  sj]
  • Meta
    (in Chinese & English) — possibly the best blog title ever. 
    many interesting political, social, and technological ideas see first
    light here
  • Jeż Węgierski (Polish mainly) — the reason I’m learning Polish. 
  • Frisco love (In all the world’s tongues.  Dubbed in English.)  Hmm, how did that get in there?
  • Work in progress (German mainly) — more about Brockhaus and encyclopedias than even I can shake a stick at
  • Wikimetrics (English mainly) — a perfect blog title.  Delightful images, research, and prose. 

if you are learning polish, you should make friends with my friend mad_eponine (aka tom) who is a native speaker and information scientist. You should probably make friends anyway. Tell ’em I sent ya.

Comment by p. 09.01.05 @ 2:40 pm

yoi, thanks! I will, and will.

Comment by sj 09.03.05 @ 3:57 am

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