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The Longest Now

“Wikis need WYSIWYG editors” — Ward Cunningham
Monday August 01st 2005, 10:02 pm
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In a recent interview (last fall), Ward Cunningham
highlighted the most pressing unresolved problem with wikis : the lack
of a simple and familiar editing interface for most users.  Asked
what one thing he would change about Wikipedia, he said immediately, “I’d put a WYSIWYG editor in front of it.

Since then, no progress has been made towards changing the default editor for Wikipedia or for MediaWiki in general.  But discussions today with non-MediaWiki developers at the start of Wikimania’s Hacking Days
suggest that modern web-based WYSIWYG editors are becoming fairly
mature and fast, and are certainly reasonable as interface options, if
not as the default option, for wiki users.

FCKeditor is an LGPL editor for web clients.

Comment by Brett Stilwell 08.14.05 @ 3:09 pm

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