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The Longest Now

HtmlArea, and early Wikimania excitement
Monday August 01st 2005, 8:24 pm
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Day 1 of the Wikimania was a definite success.  Everyone arrived
and found their way to the hostel (and, in Achal’s case, the hotel)
without incident; the hackers self-assembled to a midday start, and in
the process of discussing the first day’s topic, hacked out a first draft of a metadata solution.

After the day’s talks, and after what seemed like a fine dorm-style
meal, there were many good, quiet discussions and a viewing of Pi. Eugene and Sven and I talked about the active disinterest in HtmlArea
by Wiki programmers, including many of our friends.  Without my
mentioning my interview with Ward Cunningham, Eugene commented that
Ward probably wouldn’t feel strongly about it. 
When I pointed out that, in fact, Ward had twice listed “lack of WYSIWYG
  as the greatest remaining barrier to the general public
using wikis, Eugene was surprised, and commented that nobody had blogged
about it.  Which was true!  Mea maxima culpa.

So, I’m going to blog about it now; better late than never. 

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