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The Longest Now

LA Times Learns about Wiki Vandalism
Saturday June 25th 2005, 3:00 pm
Filed under: poetic justice

Weekend America interviews Jimmy Wales about the Los Angeles
Times’  wiki
, which they had to remove, on the Iraq war and the problems they had with
vandalism.  Jimmy points out that without a giant community of
guardians, policing wiki vandalism is very difficult.  He thinks
some vandals can be deterred by posting community rules.

Just to make things more fun,  Weekend America misidentified Jimbo
on their Web site as Jim Dale and provided a .com URL for  Wikipedia.  
wrote to them, saying “Were your site a wiki, I could correct the
problems myself and not bother you with this bit of correspondence.”
Within minutes, I received a response from their Web staff indicating
the errors had been corrected.

LA Times Learns about Wiki Vandalism …

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