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The Longest Now

Amazing graceful art…
Tuesday May 10th 2005, 4:34 am
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…if only the statistics were better!

Icaro Doria, a Brazilian artist in Lisbon, has been working on a novel art project for the magazine Revista Grande Reportagem. It is a flag campaign called, even in Portugal, “Meet the World”. Various national flags are reproduced, with their different colors being interpreted as relative statistics (corresponding to the % of the flag’s total area? this is unclear). And they are beautiful.

But where’s the detailed data in fine print backing up these elegant and grand claims? Is this just a political statement based on the creator’s opinions on the matter? The statistics mentioned cannot possible be so precise as to reproduce the national flags so closely. An online report says that the magazine has been doing its own research into this information… but I doubt that is a very important part of this campaign, without better references.

Amazing graceful art… …

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