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The Longest Now

Yahoo! is suavely first to the punch.
Thursday April 07th 2005, 8:10 pm
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Most of you know this by now; I’ve been too busy to update my blog much recently or you might have heard it here first. 😉 Yahoo! Search is providing support for Wikipedia.

Wikimedia content will be feature more prominently in Yahoo searches, beginning in French, and be mirrored via Yahoo’s massive Korean datacenter. Once redundant clusters of this sort are set up around the world, there is some question of how to use the resulting off-peak spare cycles… ideas?

Spare cycles… a BOINC project or two, surely? Though preferably not SETI@home – there are other rather more worthwhile projects going on now!

Comment by Dan100 04.08.05 @ 6:48 am

well if not SETI, what? there’s protein folding; what else?

Comment by sj 04.09.05 @ 3:56 am

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