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The Longest Now

Shards full of youth, Shards full of truth
Monday January 17th 2005, 11:40 pm
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…six PINK TIGHTS and one part vermouth!

Two score of us from HBOMB and YALE did our part to help the
Normalville Supers restore normality to their little
Bender‘sHead-shaped VNECK of the woods, IMMOBILIZING the incoming
meteors, DIMINISHING their effect, and generally struggling on IN THE
THE NIGHT.  We stressed our collections of SILICON, KEYBOARD KEYs,
and other
SMALL PLASTIC WIDGETs.  We turned to strange sources for
help; our team of MONKEYS, support crew of DALMATIANS, and HIPPOGRIFF
mascot did their part; even indulging in SPIRIT WRITING and running
scripts on MICROSOFT WINDOWS when necessary. 

The visiting
luminaries gladly provided their OCTROI of victuals — PASTRIES, dijon
SOUP, MAGNUMs of coke, and other EDIBLEs provided much-needed mental
AUGMENTATION over the long weekend.  We fell in love, variously,
with AGNETHA FAALUSKOG and Miss December… and all agreed, with
DIPLOMACY, that had we truly mastered the power of TIME TRAVEL, we
would go back in time and do it again.

I really appreciate the style you used for this post, sj. It not only fantastically summarizes the weekend, but it reminds me how much I enjoy reading your words.

Comment by j 01.18.05 @ 2:51 am

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