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The Longest Now

Everything about the Incredibles is… Fantastic
Sunday November 21st 2004, 6:31 am
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Incredibles.  lovely film.  a pleasure to watch ten times over. And yet every watching is tempered by two things:

1. Marvel Comics and the Fantastic Four get no credit, despite being inspiration for almost every superpower and character in the story.  The FF in particular provided the template for most of the Incredible family, from their family worries to their particular powers.  In an odd sort of homage, the gratuitous Next Villain who shows up at the end of the film was pulled straight out of FF #1, their first marvel comic ever.  (Mole Man lives!)

2. The last 15 min of the film are garbage, when compared to the glory of the rest of the film.  They show how mediocre the whole film could have been, were there no time for polishing script, score or scenery.

Everything about the Incredibles is… Fantastic …

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