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The Longest Now

Parenthetical Summarizations
Wednesday August 04th 2004, 2:35 pm
Filed under: metrics

Five minutes a day to summarize journals, periodicals and feeds that you read. You don’t have to summarize everything, just start with one page or one day of a feed and note how far you get, so the next person can pick up where you left off.

For starters, list what you read on this page.
If there are things you’d *love* to read, but just don’t have time to,
add them too. After all, that’s what this is all about.

Of course, some of you are already doing this on your blogs… in which case, please CC-by-attrib or GFDL a relevant feed of your blog, and it will be automatically added to the collection.

Parenthetical Summarizations …

My apologies. I had a fab response to this blog post in mind, but it went away while I was typing. What came out isn’t nearly as good. Perhaps I’ll remember the other later and can type accordingly.

Comment by j 08.05.04 @ 2:48 am

Oh, I hope you remember it!

Comment by sj 08.09.04 @ 1:18 am

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