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The Longest Now

Orders of Magnitude, Revisited
Friday January 09th 2004, 6:21 pm
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Some businesses take advantages of new OofM’s, like the first mass-production factories, early users of huge warehouses, early applications of specialization.

Hundreds of years later, historians are quick to say “here was an amazing breakthrough in technology,” but at the time it was often spun as a personal success of one businessman, one product line, one marketing technique — whoever was quickest on the uptake, with a nod from those few who actually knew what was going on, could pick up the acclaim for the surge forward. It is sometimes to one’s advantage not to let others know wherein success truly lies.

However, in each age looking forward, there are few people discerning new OofM’s from ‘brilliant new product niches’, ‘revolutionary advertising strategy’, etc. Laying 10x as much fiber optic cable as your competitors does not an OofM make. How far up
the financial food chain does this carelessness extend?

Purification. Cross-indexing. Sampling. Empathizing. Tracking.

You know what I’m talking about. Yes, you. I see you reading every
now and then. No need to hide. [for the rest of you, consider which of the above are in the future, and which are in the past…]

Until next time, keep your nose clean and your eyes open, and trust your senses.

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