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The Longest Now

Dean campaign owns up, prefer DD to KK
Friday September 26th 2003, 10:59 pm
Filed under: chain-gang

Ugh, so disgusting (but happy birthday, Nicco!).  I don’t want any of you voting for a Dunkin’ Donuts supporter, y’hear?  And somehow I don’t think Kerry or Gephardt or (Hillary or) Clark even like donuts.  Bring back Bill!

Dean campaign owns up, prefer DD to KK …

Let me just say that I myself am an avowed Krispy Kreme man… but given that the nearest KK store is a state or two over, I’ve had to settle for Dunkin Donuts…

Comment by nicco 09.27.03 @ 2:36 am

All I’m saying is, when someone gets to writing Primary Colors II about the winner of the upcoming election, I want there to be a good KK shot in the middle of the inevitable unfolding scandals.

And I know what you mean about being a state or two away; I take back my knock on your birthday party. Ever since the first KK opened up 8 miles from me this summer, I’ve been a much happier camper…

Comment by sj 09.27.03 @ 3:56 am

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