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The Longest Now

PBS/WTF: Obfuscation through Obscurity
Saturday September 06th 2003, 3:30 pm
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PBS co-sponsored the first official debate among Democratic presidential candidates this season, and the first officially bilingual presidential debate[1] in the US, last Thursday in Albuquerque.   But I spent an hour looking for transcripts and audio/video online — checking the Albuquerque public radio station, CNN, NPR’s main site, major candidates’ websites, even asking my big buddy — before I found them!  Even PBS itself (which does indeed have transcripts) relegated the debate to the bottommost link on its front page.  What’s with that?

And as long as we’re talking about reaching out to voters in Spanish — what’s with this site?  (for starters, two of the first three lines on the page are in English…)

[1] not that there was much spanish spoken by the candidates.  But the primary announcer was Maria Salinas, a Univision spokeswoman, and she often made her statements and introductions in Spanish before she made them in English.

PBS/WTF: Obfuscation through Obscurity …

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