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The Longest Now

Dean locks in
Sunday August 24th 2003, 3:02 am
Filed under: popular demand

The Falls Church 4000.

I’m still strongly ambivalent about Dean, because he isn’t passionately open, because he and crew are running such a tightly-controlled campaign, because his campaign lacks content beyond simple messages and canonical support- and fund-raising, because there are other wonderful people elbowing for space in this pre-race warm-up.  But these posts by David Weinberger about how receptive he was to discussing his mistakes as Lessig’s first guest-blogger last month, and the subtle rephrasing of news headlines across the reporting spectrum, cinches it in my mind — whether or not a white horse enters the race, Dean has sustainable momentum; it’s his primary to lose.  And given his recent chats with Clark, perhaps it’s a Dean-Clark race to lose.

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