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The Longest Now

KK frenzy spreads to Arlington Town Committee
Thursday June 26th 2003, 2:11 pm
Filed under: chain-gang

Arlington’s beloved Paul Schlichtman writes:

I had to go to Malden yesterday, and faced with the depressing  task of dealing with the agenda of the School Committee Budget  Subcommittee, I decided (in the spirit of prior suggestions surrounding Jim Marzilli’s coupons) that the total lack of fat and sweetness in the school budget required some sort of counteraction.  After about 30 minutes in a line that can only be described as a party environment, I got two dozen KK doughnuts and the subsequent school committee deliberations were a little less grim.

They pulled a doughnut right off the line as you approached the order takers.  It was hot, sweet, wonderful, everything I remembered from last year’s California KK visit.  The one leftover doughnut that made its way home last night had about 20 seconds in the microwave before eating, brought back that hot and fluffy feel.

I must point out that in most microwaves, 20 seconds is *far* too long to reheat a glazed KK donut.  8 or 10s on high is just right.

I have an old, tired microwave. KK reheat times may vary with your equipment.

Comment by Paul Schlichtman 08.06.03 @ 12:37 pm

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