Following the LMA National Conference via Attendee Twitter Posts

The Legal Marketing Association National Conference in Denver is all a-buzz with attendees “tweeting” tips, comments, reactions and shout-outs. (I wonder if anyone is paying full attention). The phenomenon has produced, I believe from one Twitter user’s report, over 10,000 tweets and counting. Beyond the mere spectacle of it all, there is plenty of useful information piling up for anyone who wants to sift and scroll through the tweets.

By using the Twitter “hash code” of #LMA10, you can use the Twitter search tool to search for all posts using this identifying marker (users add this hash code to their Tweets to help others find information about the conference).

Or you can just click on this shortcut link: #LMA10 Tweets.

For some tips on breaking down the pile with specific searches, see this Legal Water Cooler post.

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