Legal Marketing Lessons from the Recession

Law360 has compiled an 80-page white paper on lessons for law firms from the financial crisis. One section is devoted to business development that outlines creative approaches that are on-target for readers of this blog. Here’s a look at the marketing articles you’ll find if you download this free paper (which is only about 1/3 of the document which also covers management and cost-cutting topics)…

Getting Creative With Business Development

  • Windows for building business in the downturn
  • Experts share secrets to cross-selling clients
  • In-house counsel urge firms to push specialties
  • Social networking spurs firms to log on or lose out
  • Upheaval forces firms to rethink markeing
  • Experts say firms should refine ads, not abandon them
  • In-house counsel seek value through RFPs
  • Study finds firms should weigh costs of RFPs.

To download the PDF, click on: Law360 Presents Lessons For Law Firms

Concurrent with the release of the whitepaper, Law360 is launching four new news sections today, covering the practice areas of Appellate, Contract, Corporate Finance and International Trade.

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