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Calcaneus stress fracture, 8 months and counting?

How is it possible to be stupid enough to hobble around with a heel stress fracture for 8 months and keep fooling oneself into thinking it’s something else?

Well, if you’re me it’s entirely possible. As I mentioned on Oct. 11/11 in Still hobbling along…, I had a bone scan …and even to my untrained eye, it was obvious that there were all sorts of problems. Today, I finally had a follow-up with the GP I’ve been seeing (yeah, I know… takes a while, doesn’t it?), and she explained the thing.

I have not just a stress fracture in my third metatarsal – that’s the problem that sent me to the clinic in the first place – but also a stress fracture in my heel (calcaneus) bone.

What’s so incredibly frustrating is – or rather, are – these facts:

  • my heel has been painful to walk on since at least February; I assumed it was a stupid case of plantar’s fasciitis (although there was no physical reason for me to think I could have developed a case of this, and of course I didn’t – but talk about fooling oneself into thinking it’s something it’s not…), and so I ignored ignored ignored the pain;
  • I should have been in an air-cast weeks ago when I first went to the walk-in clinic on 9/28: instead, the doctor assumed it was… meh, something else, something that didn’t require immobilizing the foot – and the upshot is that I missed about 4 weeks of treatment (I’m now advised to acquire an air-cast asap);
  • I may be moving out of my house on Nov.28 (if a current offer doesn’t fall apart), and I am NOT looking forward to moving when my foot isn’t healed (but I’ll have to).

Man, I’m ticked off.

I feel like I have done nothing but fool myself about my whole existence in Victoria, and aside from healing this heel, I better look after my own interests lest I explode from sheer frustration.

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