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Pixels are too uniform

I’ve been decluttering for what seems like eons now. I’m sorting through old papers, selling things off on Used Victoria, and calling tradespeople to get things done around the house.

This afternoon I lifted the lid off one of those cardboard storage boxes, thinking I could tackle a boatload of old letters and postcards.

Of course I got stuck on the first binder of postcards, which offered notes from old friends who had drifted through my commune when I lived in Munich.

Fact is, it was fun – and interesting. I “saw” old friends who, thirty-five years ago, were in the process of turning into the people they are today. I’m not sure whether thirty-five years from now, it will be a commonplace to open a box that contains artifacts you can just touch, hold, turn over, and ponder. Opening old IMs or emails (even if that will be possible – and it’s not likely, is it?) just won’t be the same – you won’t be squinting at the idiosyncrasies of handwriting (or writing utensils), and remembering (as you do) the sing-song of a voice or accent. Pixels are uniform and all look the same individually, even if in the aggregate they make a compelling picture.


  1. Maybe in 35 years when we look back we will be streaming YouTube videos, hoping to capture … well, I a not exactly sure what, the first experience of a world translated into pixels? But yes, I agree, we won’t be pouring over old emails to look for idiosyncrasies. 🙂

    Comment by maria — July 20, 2011 #

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    Comment by Jake — July 26, 2011 #

  3. I am really interested how it will be in that 35 years and I am sure that it will be very suprising

    Comment by tut — July 30, 2011 #

  4. It is true that pixels are uniform but what matters is personal feeling they gave. I am looking forward to look back at my computer notes, pictures, videos in 35 years. Two weeks ago I found log of chat I had with my current wife about 8 years ago and somehow I had the same feelings like I was reading old letters 🙂

    Comment by Andy — July 31, 2011 #

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