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Until March 13: A Craigslist Cantata

If you appreciate theater and live in Victoria BC, you have until March 13 to see Do You Want What I Have Got: A Craigslist Cantata, now playing at The Belfry‘s Spark Festival.

Written and composed by Veda Hille and Bill Richardson, the currently 70-minute long production (still being workshopped, under Amiel Gladstone‘s direction) is both funny and serious. All of the dialog is based on actual Craigslist ads. And there is some zany shit out there, transformed by Hille (whose music carries the words to new a whole new level) and Richardson into spun gold.

You’ll laugh, you’ll cry (as they say). Well, maybe not cry. But gasp. At some point you’ll gasp.

The Spark Festival production stars Veda Hille (keyboard, voice) and (singers, all) Selina Martin, David Adams, Allan Zinyk, and Meghan Gardiner.

(An aside: People, get your own domain names and websites, for crying out loud – especially if you’re performers! How is anyone supposed to find you and/or look you up if you’re not online? Glad to see that Selina and Meghan have their online presence set up, but I couldn’t find anything definitive on David or Allan – who were both excellent.)

Loved all four characters – Meghan Gardiner had a stand-out song about a 23-year old recent college graduate (major: Philosophy) who has moved back into her old room in her parents’ house, intending to launch herself into the adult world …later. For now, she seeks to jettison the trappings of childhood that clutter her room, namely a collection of 300 (toy, stuffed) penguins. The story that’s revealed is of course utterly nuts, but capable of eliciting empathy.

Show starts at 8, in Studio A at the Belfry. Till March 13 (that’s another 3 nights).

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