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Off ramp: easy. On ramp: harder.

I went a bit quiet during the last few days…

My navigational instruments are seriously compromised. It’s all too easy to go – even if only by increments, which are nonetheless steady and dreadfully cumulative – down the off ramp.

Inch by inch by inch.

And before you know it, you’ve landed yourself in a ditch.

Finding the on ramp again can look like Mission Impossible: the notion of slowly, painfully, edging your way out of that ditch and moving again into society of any sort makes death in a shallow grave look cushy.

It’s hard to get back onto the on ramp. With heart. Or courage. Especially when you can’t even see it from where you are.

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  1. But it’s mostly the ramp that seems like such impossible, wild territory. And from where the middle of the road so far, and maybe impossibly fast. Once you merge you’ll be swept up, doing 60, and, before you know it, cruising on automatic pilot. 🙂

    And, the closer you inch to the road, the less you’ll have to rely on those navigational instruments. Heck, just toss them and go by visuals!

    Comment by maria — October 20, 2010 #

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