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Average delusions, Beautiful Delusion

Interesting article by Judy Berman on Flavorwire about Laurie Anderson‘s latest project, Delusion <–this link goes to Brooklyn Academy of Music (BAM).  See a review of the show in the SFGate here.

There’s a video interview with Anderson (on both the Flavorwire page as well as BAM’s) in which Anderson observes that almost every artist can say that dreams are part of their inspiration. Then she adds:

How does that affect, then, as you’re cooking up these images at night, your waking self? That sense of duality is totally key to Delusion.

Not sure if she meant capital-D Delusion (that is, her show) or small-d delusion (the mental state).

But in either case it’s a provocative thought.



…And, speaking of delusion, as it happens I just bailed early from a lecture by David Korten because I found it too delusional (not to mention patronizing and full of platitudes). I’ve also noticed that my tolerance for walking into a room full of wanna-be world-changers and getting nearly knocked out by B.O. has plummeted about as much as the stock market. My nose, it seems, isn’t delusional at all and can still tell when something is rank.

(Pardon the grumpy and wtf tone, back to more cogent programming tomorrow, I hope…)

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