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City Hall sure likes to feather its staffing bed

In the last couple of days, I let myself get caught up in city shenanigans politics again, which has kind of taken some of the (positive) wind out of my sails.

I recently published an article in FOCUS Magazine about staffing levels at City Hall (not yet uploaded to Scribd, but coming soon). The article was spurred by shock disgust dismay over the profligate hiring (and sometimes firing) practices here.

And just now I glanced at our local paper online, and saw the article Engineer takes over city’s public works. But note, the city hired not just a new engineer to replace the Chief of Engineering (who moved up to a wholly new position created just for him, namely Manager of General Operations). They have now also added yet another new position, which in the newspaper article is merely mentioned in passing, for all intents and purposes flying under the radar of public awareness.

One really has to wonder what they’re up to at City Hall, and one also has to wonder why our local paper doesn’t do a better job of investigating the situation.


It’s no surprise that salaries-and-benefits is the biggest chunk of the city budget. When I look around at the condition of roads and sidewalks or the many people who are homeless on our streets, I wonder about the priorities of mayor and council. Sure, hire yet another six-figure bureaucrat. And beef up that Corporate Communications Department, to make sure we get the message even as you refuse to listen to what we have to say.

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