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Follow up on entitlement

Quick follow up on my earlier Entitlement post (which is already generating lots of good conversation via backchannels, comments, Facebook, etc.).

When the world descended on Vancouver for the Olympics, the NBC Today crew took a day trip to Victoria. They went to the Empress of course – a breakfast tea, served as an afternoon tea? – but then they went to eat a late lunch or early dinner at Red Fish Blue Fish.


I love that they visited Red Fish Blue Fish, one of the funnest, innovative, and most delicious seafood restaurants in Victoria. Ok, it’s not really a restaurant, it’s a food outlet in a converted container, and you have to eat outdoors (or take your dinner home). But it’s so delicious – and it’s the restaurant the city didn’t want. This business was stymied and thwarted for over two (2!!) years before they finally got permission to operate.

Red Fish Blue Fish earned its reputation – against the odds put up by the city (which, in a sane world, should be in the business of supporting businesses like this). Luckily, “the world” validated the enterprise and its earned reputation with international coverage.


On the other hand, here‘s an example of entitled brats acting like a-holes: Vancouver’s Anti-Olympics Movement Falters as Local Activist Hero David Eby Gets Pie in Face From Black Bloc Supporters. Yep, way to go, show the world that temper tantrums are so …effective (not). It takes entitlement superiority of epic proportions to act like this. Unfortunately, it’s not uncommon in these parts.

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