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The Sunday Diigo Links Post (weekly)

  • Interesting strategy: artists using billboards to counteract billboards and direct attention in other ways…

    tags: art, public_art, billboards, los_angeles

  • This is part two of what will be a three part series, by Wes Regan (article originally published on Third i website). Regan delivers a close reading of Vancouver’s position and potential as a high tech center. In particular, I was startled to see government (which is located in Victoria) put on par with big private corporations. That is, as an employer and as a training ground for talent, provincial/state government is similar to a big corporate employer. That Vancouver’s start-up climate might benefit if it were also a government town was something I hadn’t appreciated before. Obviously, though, imagine what would be if the provincial seat left Victoria and moved to Vancouver… Things would not look pretty for Victoria, although Vancouver obviously would benefit. It’s also interesting (and, for someone who lives in Victoria, weird) to see that there are similarities between Victoria and Vancouver in terms of handicaps – except that in Victoria they’re compounded by low density and an even greater “splendid isolation” (can’t beat that island status, especially as we don’t have a bridge). Overall, interesting article; looking forward to part three (part one is available here).
    “This is the 2nd post in a series of 3 that look at Vancouver’s position relative to other major centres of innovation and development. In it I draw from the perspectives of experts at Vancouver’s economic think tank the VEDC (Vancouver Economic Development Commission) and from a growing software development and internet marketing firm based in Yaletown, Thirdi. The first installment looked at availability of office space and inter-city economic competition as factors in firm location. Today we look at the broader implications of our business climate as it relates to our overall geography.” UNQUOTE

    tags: techvibes, wes_regan, vancouver, entrepeneurialism

  • “Masdar City gehört ebenso wie das vom Schweizer Urbanisten Franz Oswald für die Entwicklung energieautarker Siedlungen in ländlichen Regionen Afrikas entwickelte Lowtech-Modell «New Energy Sustainable Town» (NEST) und die grenzübergreifend vernetzte urbane Struktur «Taiwan-Strait-Inkubator» von Raoul Bunschoten und seinem Londoner Büro Chora zu den neuen Entwürfen und Projekten, die im Januarheft der Zeitschrift «Arch+» unter dem Titel «Post-Oil City. Die Geschichte der Zukunft der Stadt» in grössere entwicklungsgeschichtliche Zusammenhänge gestellt werden; eine zugehörige Ausstellung haben die Redaktoren für die Galerien des Instituts für Auslandsbeziehungen («ifa») in Stuttgart und Berlin kuratiert. In die sich mehrfach überschneidenden Abschnitte «Nachhaltigkeit», «Stadtverkehr» und «Stadtsystem» gegliedert, beziehen das inhaltsreiche Heft und die ausstellungstechnisch improvisierte Schau heutige Lösungsvorschläge auf Vorläufer wie die utopischen meta-urbanen Strukturen von Yona Friedman aus den 1950er und 1960er Jahren oder die 1975/76 von Christopher Alexander konzipierte partizipative Stadt Mexicali.”

    tags: post_oil_city, masdar, architecture, urbanplanning, nzz, oil

  • “Cisco signed a deal on Wednesday with Holyoke, Massachusetts to transform the onetime mill town into a “Smart+Connected Community” over the next six-to-twelve months. Cisco has moved aggressively into the smarter city business in the last year as it chases IBM, which started the vogue for wired cities just as the world’s governments were earmarking billions of dollars in stimulus funds for infrastructure. (…)

    The Holyoke deal is significant in that it represents Cisco’s first attempt to rewire an existing city rather than simply build one from scratch, as it’s doing across Asia and the Middle East. ”

    Holyoke Canal System

    Holyoke Canal System

    tags: cisco, holyoke, smartcities, cities, technology

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