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Daily Diigo Public Link 01/26/2008

Gawker and the Rage of the Creative Underclass — New York Magazine

tags: creatives, psychology, reference, schadenfreude, vanessa_grigoriadis, victoria

References to a “creative underclass” and “roiling Schadenfreude” of course set off bells for anyone familiar with the Victoria BC scene, which has long sustained itself on highly creative (often volatile) people living on substandard wages. True, that might be the only thing Victoria and NYC have in common, but the socially determined psychology suggested by the author’s intro makes me want to read this with an eye on our local scene. We have in this city “a huge cheering section for failure,” as a local commentator once put it, and maybe Grigoriadis’s article will shed light on how that happens.

My Other Car is a Bright Green City – WorldChanging: Tools, Models and Ideas for Building a Bright Green Future

tags: alex_steffen, cars, cities, environment, green_strategies, sustainability, urbanism, worldchanging

via CEOs for Cities, an article by Alex Steffen, which argues for dense, urban communities that will help curb (literally) car use. \n\nFrom his intro preamble: “This is a rough draft of a long essay about why I believe building compact communities should be one of America’s highest environmental priorities, and why, in fact, our obsession with building greener cars may be obscuring some fundamental aspects of the problem and some of the benefits of using land-use change as a primary sustainability solution.”

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  1. […] Victoria has a weekly tabloid newspaper called Monday Magazine, which, starting as an alternative publication ~35 years ago, has somehow managed to stay mired in the worst sort of “us and them” thinking that feeds into (and off) the roiling Schadenfreude of the perpetually resentful. […]

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